Custom 'Swag Box'

Custom 'Swag Box'

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The Gift: 
Want to create a custom 'swag box' with various items placed in the box? No problem! Just let us know what you're thinking, or we are happy to build one for you. All items will be placed in a branded box - and can include anything. Popular items in the past have included koozies, sunglasses, water bottles, socks, and more. Pricing varies based on items.


How to Order: 
Send an email to and we'll work with you to customize the gift with your logo, and get your gift packages (with hand written notes included, if you'd like!) to all of your recipients. 

Great for client gifting, new hires, employee gifts, customer success, event invites, account based marketing, direct mail campaigns, and more!

We can package everything up and ship in bulk to you, or if you'd prefer to have us send directly to your list of recipients we can do that too. We also can build online portals where we store your custom swag boxes, and you can ship out on demand to your customers, employees, etc. 

Pricing Note: 
Not exact. Depends what you put in the package. Pricing will reflect per item cost for bulk orders. Includes logo customization, packaging and a handwritten note for each gift recipient. Shipping not included.