Customer Swag Kit

Looking to send your customers a swag kit or box when they sign on as new clients? Perhaps you want to send out on demand through your own custom portal, or you'd like to send in bulk at the end of each quarter, around the holidays, etc. We can do both!

We can build a custom kit for you and package all items together. You can also personalize the boxes with custom packaging, notecards, and more - and we'll even write a personalized handwritten note and ship out with each package.

virgin pulse customer kit

Here's an example of a Customer Kit we built for Virgin Pulse. We packaged all branded items inside of a Virgin Pulse Duffel bag, including -- a notebook/pen, cooling towel, cutting board, travel tumbler, umbrella, iPhone running case, and branded health & wellness products. Every time they sign on a new customer, we'll ship out a new kit - personalized with a handwritten note.  

Some thoughts on how to create the perfect Customer Swag Box, and what to include:

  • A duffel bag, backpack, tote bag, or branded box to package all items inside
  • Drinkware - Water Bottle, Tumbler, Coffee Mug, Travel Mug 
  • Tech Accessories - Power Bank, Headphones, Speakers
  • Apparel - Fleece Vest, T-shirt, sweatshirt, socks, hat
  • Notebook & Pen
  • Desk Accessories
  • Fun Items- Sunglasses, Frisbee, Blanket, Umbrella - anything you can think of!
  • Custom Materials - Include printed materials, a message from the CEO, custom package design, or a personalized handwritten note (we can do that for you if you are shipping out on demand to new hires)
  • Branded boxes with Gourmet food is also very popular.. and tasty!

Make your customers feel special and start sending out a customer swag kit today!

Reach out to to get started on a project!


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