A gifting service that will blow your mind and save you time - Welcome to BizGifter!

Welcome to BizGifter!

BizGifter takes the pain out of gift giving. We help companies send unique gifts to multiple recipients, including personal hand written notes — without the logistics headache. 

BizGifter makes gift giving easy

Coming from a career in software sales, it was always tough booking that first meeting and getting into a new account. While cold calls, custom emails, and referrals would sometimes work, my highest success rate would always come in the form of sending custom products and gifts to recipients with a hand-written note. With the amount of emails and calls a prospect receives daily, sending a gift was a great way to differentiate from the hundreds of others trying to ask for some time- and start building rapport right off the bat. These would not be high-end expensive gifts, but simple products that demonstrated creativity and differentiation -- things like stress balls asking to "squeeze me in" for a meeting, golf balls with my company logo, branded food items, and more.

While gifting worked, organizing the logistics was a nightmare! I'd have to find a supplier and product, customize it myself, get them delivered to my home, write handwritten custom notes, buy packaging materials, ship deliveries, etc.

The same problems existed in other departments that often sent gifts - like Customer Success and Employee Relations. Customer Success teams would want to send a gift or logo'd item welcoming their client at the end of a quarter, or thanking them throughout the year, but the same tedious and time-consuming process would usually prevent a campaign to take place. HR teams struggled with finding unique gifts for employees and ways to reach those who worked from home. 
A search for a full service gifting solution came up empty. So with the help of my brother and co-founder Andrew, we decided to start one ourselves. That's how BizGifter was born. 
Our mission at BizGifter is to make the entire process of gift giving easier. And to make you and your company more successful. We want to help you build strong customer relationships. We want your sales team to get into more accounts and close more deals. And we want your employees to always feel appreciated. 

Come visit us at www.bizgifter.com and feel free to reach out to me directly at dillon@bizgifter.com

Happy Gifting!

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